Getting Started

Getting started at dance 101 is very easy, actually. First off, assuming you're over 18 (dance 101 is for Adults only):

1. Spend a little time reading about our classes on our class schedule (click on the name of the class for its full description)

2. Pick your first class and sign into it, you will be prompted to create an account,

3. purchase an introductory special and come on over!

Scroll down to follow these 4 easy steps!

*Note: Classes labeled "101", or "All Levels" are great starter classes if you are new to dance!

Or check out our Intro 2 Dance Workshop if you are NEW to the dance experience!

So simple... and yet for some, such a big step - especially if you've never taken a dance class before. The unknown can be intimidating for some, for others a thrill. Regardless of where you may sit today, your first classes at the 101 are experiences worth having. What will your newfound love be? Jazz? Ballet? Hip Hop? Dance Fitness? Tap?

We don't mean to psychoanalyze, but 15 years and tens of thousands of student experiences under our belt, we feel pretty safe in saying you probably fall (or will fall) into one of three categories:

1. The Dreamer:
You've always been a dancer, whether you've ever taken a dance class or not.  Music touches you powerfully; you feel enormous joy when your body is moving to it and you want to experience more of this in your life.  Your favorite question is What if... and your mantra is I can...  30, 40, 50, 60 years old and never taken a dance class? So what? Who says I can't? Watch me! You are the Dreamer! 

2. The Artistic Athlete:
You have it all going on whether you know it or not (major cool factor here). While others are beating themselves up doing painful and soul-less workouts, you get the same (if not better) physical benefits moving in harmony with others in a choreographic creation of artistic expression.  While others are checking their heart rate or fit bit, you're checking out the beauty of your lines in the mirror.  

3. The He[art]ist:
You are the beautiful embodiment of physical artistry: a heart-ist is an artist that radiates from the heart. Dance is your lifeline, the fabric of your being, and who you are (when you're not at work or being a parent, caring for others or studying for an exam). You are a dancer. Dance is life itself to you. There is no living without it.

Maybe you identify with one of these... or all three. And if none, step into the dance 101 experience and watch which one shows up for you. When you become a dance 101 member you will find your tribe. What led you to us becomes inconsequential to the fact that you've arrived and about to embrace a dance family with whom you'll share a healthy lifestyle with lots to talk about. You'll make wonderful new friendships and feel a welcoming sense of belonging because you'll find so much in common with the beautiful souls who call this place their second home.

People talk about the beauty of a dancer's body (both male and female), but may give little thought as to how they got that way.  Dancers are the product of dance training.  But I guess you know that - because many of our new members initially come to us motivated to lose weight. What you may not know is that our teaching methods apply the art of dance to fitness in a way that not only teaches you fun skills but also leans you out as you develop a high level of flexibility.

Dance 101 is the first studio of it's kind, nationwide, to apply the art of dance to fitness without sacrificing the artistic element. 

So go ahead... scroll down. Create an account, purchase an introductory special, pick a class and come on over!  Getting started is easy... but not as easy as coming back for more! And if you have any questions regarding where to start, class recommendations etc, give us a ring or text us at 404-545-8048 we'd be happy to help!

Exercise Your Dreams. Dance!

How to Get Started?


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