Getting Started

In the words of Atlanta icon LOUDMOUF... Is it "one day? Or day one?" Take a step closer to exercising your dreams and stretch your imagination! Today!

Dance 101 classes are not what you might expect - in fact they are more like curated dance experiences.  With a mixture of instructional classes (read: learn AND burn) to fitness focused classes that will have you wondering where all that sweat came from... at dance 101 we welcome dancers new, current and returning (all over 18 years old of course) that wish to experience dance in all its expressions... even if that just means making everyone jealous at your High school reunion. "Sweet moves, bro!" 

Alright, I'm all in! What are my options?

  • Instructional classes: teach you technique, form and skills. Look for classes with Ballet, Jazz, Turns & Leaps in the title. If you see a little French in the class description, good chance it's a technical class. Or learn how to do the Suzie Q or the Shirley Temple in Tap Basics! Make some noise! 
  • International classes like Soca, AfroBeats and Fuego will immerse you in another culture. It's also a lot cheaper than flying to another country and less sandy too! 
  • Fitness classes use dance to seriously work you out. There is no better workout than a sneaky one! Look out for Reb3l Groove, Madd-X Fitness, Dance Fitness etc but be wary as it may feel like you've joined a really fun dance cult. 
  • Stretch classes will keep you injury free and living your best Gumby life (if you have to google "Gumby" you probably don't need these classes yet).
  • Artistic classes invite your mind and body to become an expression of art. These are classes where getting "into your feelings" or channeling your inner Sasha Fierce is the objective. Look for Contemporary, Burlesque, King of Hearts, Q it Up etc.
  • "Just Here for a Good Time" Classes are just that! Have a blast in classes like Jukebox, Latin Jazz, Music Videography, A-Town Funk, Latin Fiesta, Hip Hop 101, Hip Hop Fit and of course Barry's Amazing Tap Adventure! You'll leave with a permanent smile on your face! 


TL;DR. Scroll down!

It'll be the best thing you do for yourself today!  

Invest in yourself!
Exercise your dreams and stretch your imagination!

How to Get Started?


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Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your first class to allow for FREE parking in the Parking garage (with sticker validation). We are located at 855 Emory Point Drive Atlanta 30329 Suite C-105 (off of Clifton Road behind CVS)