Free Week

Sunday January 20th - Saturday January 26th
all Introductory & "All Level" classes are free at both locations!


Attention Dancers, Artistic Athletes & Dreamers!  It's time for FREE WEEK!

A tradition we started back in 2004.. I know, we look great for our age haha. Free Week is the ONE week out of the year when we offer our intro and "all level" classes for free to everyone... new students, current students, students we haven't seen in 10 years and students we only see once a year ;-). 

  • There's a $15 registration fee to participate unless you're on a 5/10/Unlimited Membership in which case the registration fee is wavied. Members, if you're planning on taking class, please go ahead and register, the fee will zero out.
  • Class card holders, you have the option to use your class card or pay the registration fee to participate, in which case any free classes taken will not count against your card. However, you will not be able to pre-register for free classes as the system will prompt you to pay the registration at time of sign-in. Front desk will do our best to hold spots open but classes will max out. 
  • Each student is limited to 2 free classes a day per location... if you want to take 2 classes in Alpharetta and drive down to Atlanta for 2 classes... go on with your bad self ha. 

See the Atlanta schedule HERE & Alpharetta schedule HERE for all free classes offered. Note: Reb3l (in Atlanta), Maddx and Heels Up are not included - Members, you're welcome haha.  

Click HERE to register.

Also during Free Week we will be offering class card & membership specials which you can apply the $15 registration to! 

Free Week Rules:

1. While you may sign-in to class in person, we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE reserving a spot online prior to arrival.
2. No-shows will be charged $5, late-cancels will not be penalized.
3. Classes are closed 15 minutes in or when they cap out (whichever occurs first). 
4. You can not share/transfer your Free Week registration. One per person. 
5. Free Week ends on Saturday, January 26th, 2018.  

Do what you love and watch more of it show up in your life!

Exercise Your Dreams Y'all!