A Dancer's Stretch

Acquire the flexibility of a dancer by stretching in the way dancers do. You don't need a background in dance to reap the benefits of this training. This meditative, flowing stretch moves ever so slowly from one to another like a beautiful dance. A brilliant fusion of yoga/pilates/floor barre and dance, this class presents all these disciplines as choreographed movement. And wait til you hear the playlist!

The musicality of this class deepens the experience, enrapturing your mind as well as invigorating your body. With regular attendance you will not only learn to move more gracefully but you will also gain a greater range of motion in your joints - making this class a must for all dancers (across all dance genres) as well a great compliment to any sport requiring flexibility and body control. The body becomes what the body does. Make this stretch a part of your training regimen and watch how your body responds, evolves and transforms! Beginners welcome! This signature dance 101 class was conceived and is taught by Ofelia de La Valette