Bhangra (Cultural Dance Fitness)

Have you heard of Bhangra? Be the first among your friends to experience this joyful, energetic, cultural folk dance originating from the Punjab region of India in the late 1800s. Joyful is truly the best descriptive for this dance style, followed by energetic. Bhangra is a celebratory dance that is currently trending all over social media, becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Once you experience it, you'll understand why. 

You might be winded after 5 mins (not exaggerating) but you will have a huge smile on your face! We love this class and we love Carlito who does a fantastic job recreating the Bhangra experience at dance 101!  So bring lots of water, a towel and your fun pants :) There will also be moments during some classes we may use props to keep things fresh yet traditional.