Performance Series
Dance 101's spectacular student performance showcase
"I'd Rather Be Dancing!" Season 17 is coming November 11th - 13th, 2022! 

Our performance pieces are beautifully staged and choreographed for all dance levels. This is NOT a recital!
This is a show (and an experience of a lifetime!) with concert grade lights and an audience of up to 150 people each night!
The show line up will be announced at the Kickoff Party for that season (dates below). At this time registration will open. No audition required however previous attendance in the corresponding class is STRONGLY suggested prior to registration. One piece per person! REGISTRATION HAS CLOSED FOR THE FALL. Scroll down for 2023 Performance Opportunities!
Weekly rehearsals are on Fridays at dance 101 between 6-9pm. Each rehearsal is one hour long and will start a week after the kickoff party (with the exception of the Spring show).
Dress rehearsal and Tech rehearsal are in addition to the rehearsal period and covered under Performance Series tuition. 
SHOW DATES (for Fall 2022 show): 
Friday November 11th & Saturday November 12th at 8pm and Sunday November 13th at 6pm. All 3 shows will be performed at dance 101. 
The cost of the Performance Series is $225 and will include 1 dance piece of your choice, 12 rehearsals in addition to a dress rehearsal and tech rehearsal, 3 performances, and 2 tickets to the show of your choosing (to be determined at dress rehearsal).  
Each piece will be capped at 12 dancers. Again do not sign up for a class/instructor that you are not familiar with as this will affect your experience and those around you. No refunds will be issued for missed rehearsals or mid season dropouts - so doublecheck the dates and make sure you can commit! One piece per person. Tuition does not include a video of the show or individual show costumes.
    Kickoff Party & Registration: Saturday December 10th, 2022 (TIME TBD)
    Rehearsal Period: January 6th - March 17th, 2023 
    Show Weekend: Friday March 24th, Saturday March 25th & Sunday March 26th
    Kickoff Party & Registration: Saturday April 15th, 2023 (TIME TBD)
    Rehearsal Period: April 21st - July 7th, 2023 
    Show Weekend: Friday July 14th, Saturday July 15th & Sunday July 16th
  • FALL:
    Kickoff Party & Registration: Saturday August 25th, 2023 (TIME TBD)
    Rehearsal Period: September 8th - November 10th, 2023
    Show Weekend: Friday November 17th, Saturday November 18th & Sunday November 19th