Studio Policies

CLASS CARDS (Class cards are non-transferable (no sharing), non-refundable and can not be frozen)

  • -Un-activated Count Series class cards and Monthly Unlimited passes over a year old (12 months from date of purchase): 100% of the original price will be applied towards the purchase of a current class card for up to 2 years. After 2 years the value decreases 50%.
  • -Activated Count Series class cards: Classes already used will count as a drop in at $25/each and subtracted from the original price of the card. 100% of the balance will be applied toward the purchase of a current class card for up to 2 years. After 2 years the value decreases 50%.
  • -Need an extra 30 days to use up your classes on your count series class card? Our "Life Happens" extension costs you $25 (cost of a drop-in) for 30 additional days from the end of your class card expiration date.


MEMBERSHIPS (No rollover of unused classes, any additional classes on the 5, 10 or 20/mth only $14/class)


Our Membership is an agreement that continues month to month until you decide to cancel. As long as you keep paying your monthly autopay your rate will not increase. 

  • -If you continue your membership with no changes, the monthly auto payment will continue uninterrupted.
  • -If you wish to upgrade your membership, there are no additional charges. However, a downgrade in membership is charged $50. You will be asked to sign a new agreement.
  • -If you do not wish to renew, please inform us!
  • -Can't use your membership for a while, we can freeze your membership for 30 days at a time for half your monthly rate. Memberships cannot be frozen for days or weeks.
  • -Cancel at anytime for $50. All Memberships must be canceled in person whether by you or power of attorney. Once draft has been taken out it can not be refunded. Only future drafts can be removed.
  • -You may upgrade from one membership to another without being charged the early cancellation fee. You may downgrade from one membership to another for a $50 fee.